Buying Property In European Union Countries After Brexit

Buying Property in EU countries after Brexit

Brexit will not be the end of your dream to own an overseas property. While there will be some changes for Brits looking to make the move to a European Union Country, property buying will be unaffected. However, there are important changes to note, for example, if you decide to

Top 5 Places For British Expats To Live In Europe After Brexit

Top 5 Places for British Expats to Live in Europe after Brexit

Although it is not completely clear what the arrangements will be for British citizens looking to move or purchase a property in Europe post-Brexit, it is expected that reciprocal arrangements will be agreed directly with EU countries. Most EU countries have already confirmed they will allow UK nationals to enter

Insuring Your French Home

Insuring your French Home

Good insurance cover is essential in whichever country you choose to buy a property. Insuring your French home is no different. You have just bought your dream property in France, and the Notaire is ready to hand over the keys. It is important you have your house insurance in place

A service that help’s you buy, rent and sell direct in France and 0% commission

A service that help’s you buy, rent and sell direct in France - 0% commission

Anita Rankin, founder of RANKIN – ‘French Property Marketing Services’ and writer about French Property and Life in France, takes a look at how to get ahead and learn more about new property market evolutions and tendencies. The French property industry has recently experienced a ‘mini revolution’. It is important