Financial Advice

Financial Advice

Expert advice on common financial considerations when moving abroad, such as pensions, tax and inheritance tax

It is always a good idea to get sound financial advice to ensure you don’t lose money, whether it be overseas pension transfers, tax or financial planning.

The idea of enjoying a pension overseas is a big attraction for those nearing retirement, and we receive lots of enquiries about a variety of pension concerns. Here are some of topics of the most common requests for help;


+ Qrops and transfers from UK pensions


+ Overseas Pension after Brexit


+ Should I transfer my pension


+ Transferring private, state and NHS pensions abroad


+ Leaving pension schemes


One size does not fit all; a good pension expert will look at your pension funds and investments as a whole and suggest tax-efficient options for structuring all your assets and funds.


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When looking to move overseas, you quickly find out that tax affairs can be complicated. For example, British expats commonly make the mistake of thinking that they are instantly exempt from UK tax – the tax requirements for British expats abroad is not simple.


Your personal tax liability in the UK depends on the tax residence, domicile status and on other factors such as the location of assets, source of income and capital gains. Experts are on hand to help you navigate tax laws at home and your destination country. Here are some common topics covered in the requests we receive.


+ Split year treatment

+ Residence in more than one country

+ Filing obligations

+ Tax allowances

+ Claiming Tax Refunds

+ Capital Gains

+ Disregarded Income

We can arrange for a free initial consultation to discuss your situation and answers to general questions.

It’s a complex and ever-changing world, in which your personal situation is also changing. So often managing your finances and making investment decisions to help you reach your goals can be draining, time-consuming, and put-off for another time. Here are some common financial goals;


+ Investing in your future


+ Protecting you and your family


+ Retirement planning


+ Managing retirement income


+ Inheritance


An excellent financial adviser has the expertise and experience to help you establish a workable financial plan and review your position regularly. Tell us about your goals that a financial planning expert can help with?

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Some buyers raise finance by remortgaging their UK property, and others fund their purchase with an overseas mortgage provider. Whatever your financing plans getting expert help could save you thousands.

Financing your overseas property

Remortgaging your UK property is easy. However, an overseas mortgage does have advantages too. One advantage of an overseas mortgage is that your lender will carry out checks on the property to make sure they have enough security for the loan, giving you a bit of extra protection. And if you plan to rent the property, you would be earning money in the same currency as your mortgage, reducing your exposure to currency market volatility.


It is important to note that the process for securing a mortgage is different in each country. Hence, it is essential you use a specialist mortgage broker, as they will be aware of local requirements, have a detailed understanding of the mortgage application process, and be fluent in the local language of the country where you are buying.


Compared to a UK mortgage application, you usually need to provide more paperwork for an overseas mortgage. Including up to six months of bank statements and three years of accounts if you are self-employed. Also, the lender checks you have enough income to pay the mortgage; any rental income expected from the property is not taken into account.


The amount you can borrow against the property’s value will not be as much as in the UK and is different in each country. And though interest rates are generally comparable to the UK in EU countries, rates may vary further afield.


Before you start looking for your dream overseas property contact a good mortgage broker, they will give you a good idea of borrowing options. It is surprising how many fall in love with a property they cannot afford.


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