A service that help’s you buy, rent and sell direct in France and 0% commission

A service that help’s you buy, rent and sell direct in France - 0% commission

Anita Rankin, founder of RANKIN – ‘French Property Marketing Services’ and writer about French Property and Life in France, takes a look at how to get ahead and learn more about new property market evolutions and tendencies.


The French property industry has recently experienced a ‘mini revolution’. It is important to look at the market closely to find the best adapted solutions for property projects and deals today.


When choosing how to buy, sell and rent property, methods have become diverse in France.  Getting the help you need with procedures is not always easy, especially when expensive commissions are frequently hidden pitfalls.


Working exclusively to promote direct French property sales and rentals with professional bilingual assistance services since 2005, Rankin France helps clients every step of the way in France from client enquiries through to conveyance preparations and home ownership. Their services are designed to meet with market tendencies and provide products to suit client requirements.


For clients looking to move sale projects forward and learn more about new marketing techniques a new ‘Marketing Consultancy Service’ is now available. Since French property sale prices have gone online as public data, clients have been keen to find personalised solutions, looking for professional advice on how to take back control whether selling, buying or renting.


Today it has become more evident than ever that high fees and irretrievable commissions can no longer be tolerated in a market where transparency is the key to success.  Rankin France offers the help that you need to make your project work – Get assistance today.


Contact Rankin France for more information – visit www.arankinfrance.co.uk